Got myself a used 3DS off Ebay at a VERY good price, sold my Wii and DS alongside a bunch of games for a LOT of store credit and bought myself a 16gb SD, screen protector, and games like star fox, mario kart, mario 3d land and Fire Emblem Awakening. Considering that I've been wanting a DS for a couple of months now…

Shit I really want a 3DS. Like REALLY fucking badly. I'm considering selling my Wii/DS Lite and all of its stuff to help pay for it. Anybody know if Nintendo has hinted at a price drop or new model anytime this year?

So I decided to play my first Persona game. My friend let me borrow his [very unused] Vita and we split Persona 4 Golden between us two. After playing a decent amount of time on it I gotta say: Wow. What a fucking game. Can't believe that it took me THIS long to play a Persona game. I don't want to exactly go back and…

I just beat DMC. What exactly is so bad about the ending? It ended like any other DMC and even quite badass imho. Final score for the game? 8.5. Not the worst DMC, but not the best either. I'd say somewhere up there though.


Apparently turning on the gas of a stove in Hitman Absolution means that you have to shoot the freaking stove itself instead of near its vicinity. Makes perfect sense. Gas doesn't explode unless you shoot into the source.